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Gina Abravanel – Owner & Personal Fitness Trainer
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In 2002 after having my fourth of five children, I found myself 50 pounds overweight and eating anything and everything I wanted. I knew I was heavy but everyone told me it was okay because I just gave birth to my fourth baby. At that time my idea of exercise was walking once or twice a week and I was a proud card holder of a self-renewing gym membership – one that I rarely used. That’s when I hired a personal trainer who introduced me to the benefits of personal fitness training. What started as a personal journey to a healthier lifestyle has grown into a passion to help others realize their optimal health potential.

As a mother and business owner, I find exercise to be the perfect way to combat stress in my life. Whether its a Zumba class, circuit training or a nice long run – I exercise every chance I get. I typically exercise five days a week while keeping a close eye on my diet. Just like many of my clients, I find it difficult on some days to motivate myself to exercise and stick to my plan, but I do it anyway because I know how accomplished I feel when I am done.

I received my certification as a personal trainer through American College of Sports Medicine. I also hold a Zumba™ certification, CPR Certification and am an active member of Idea Health and Fitness Association. Body Business presently teaches circuit training classes through the cities of Irvine, Orange and Newport Beach, California as well as to private and corporate clients.

I continuously attend fitness seminars and expos, read fitness literature and invest in the latest fitness equipment to ensure that my clients are being offered the best from the world of personal fitness.

I have five wonderful children – Tyler, Andrew, Ethan, Max and Alison. We have lived in Irvine, California since 1993.

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