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  • Reduce employee absenteeism
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Increase employee morale
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Fight rising health care costs
  • Appeal to top talent
  • Educate employees about the benefits of an active lifestyle

Body Business™ is helping to keep our staff stay fit and healthy. They also assist us in maintaining our gym equipment at our corporate office. Our employees use our gym on a regular basis now that they know a Body Business™ personal fitness trainer is there waiting to help them work out. It’s a win-win for Edison and our valued employees.

Kathy Pratt
Edison Mission Energy


Corporate Fitness programs are making their way into the workforce. A well-designed Corporate Fitness program should include an opportunity and incentives for employees to stay fit. At Body Business™, we did our homework and found that the #1 complaint of employees whose companies subsidize gym memberships as a benefit is that they cannot get to the gym. Body Business™ can bring the gym to you.

On-Site Fitness Training

What makes Body Business™ different from the rest? It’s our personal touch delivered on-site to your company. Our founder has a vision that every American worker has the right to be healthy and well – Exercise is not just a quick fix. Exercise is a way of life that should be accessible to everyone.

Our on-site fitness programs are geared towards all walks of life, all ages, and even people with physical limitations. Most of our programs are unique because they are done in group settings, where the bar on accountability and fun are raised.

Services and Programs

Body Business™ offers several Corporate Fitness planning services:

  • Corporate Fitness Strategy planning – design, plan and implement a customized company-sponsored employee fitness program
  • Exercise facility design – design, purchase and set-up of company exercise room or facility
  • Marketing assistance – marketing of fitness program to employees via emails, flyers, trainer meet & greets, and body & health assessments
  • Set-up and management of company-wide Fitness Challenges

In addition, we have several Body Business™ fitness programs to choose from:

All services and programs are offered a la carte, or can be combined to create a customized package.

If budget or space constraints prevent your company from offering indoor workouts, Body Business™ staff are experts at setting up and running outdoor fitness programs too. A small investment in bands, BOSU balls, mats and light weights is all that is required.

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