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Cardio Boot Camp™ classes can be modified to be taught at indoor facilities, as well.


Cardio Boot Camp™ is an outdoor group circuit training class designed to make working out fun, challenging and productive. Circuit training is a great way to:

  • improve cardiovascular fitness
  • lose body weight and increase lean muscle mass
  • increase balance and coordination
  • release stress and give you an energy boost

Cardio Boot Camp™ is designed for all fitness levels. Whether you are a novice who has never set foot in a gym or a competitor who trains daily, the exercises and drills can be adapted to make them appropriate for just about everyone.

Exercising outdoors allows for a variety of exercise regimens including light weight training, balance and coordination exercises, pilates, core work, functional training, and sports training. In addition to the hand weights supplied by Campers, we provide a wide range of equipment such as medicine balls, jump ropes, exercise bands and balls, and playground equipment. You will never do the same workout twice!

Cardio Boot Camp™ is also a great way to meet new people and develop a sense of camaraderie. The class provides a support system to keep you engaged and excited about living a healthy lifestyle. In addition to circuit training, we offer nutritional recommendations and have access to a registered dietician and nutritionist.

All Cardio Boot Camp™ trainers are nationally certified. All city classes are insured and use authorized city facilities.


"Cardio Boot Camp™ is the best because it is always something new. There is never an opportunity for me, or my muscles, to get bored. It is fun to work out in a group setting, where my friends can cheer me on and push me to try harder. I also love being able to just show up and know that I will get an awesome workout designed to challenge me beyond anything I would do on my own in the gym. Cardio Boot Camp™ has helped me prove to myself that I can do anything if I set my mind to it... and that is a great feeling!"

- Cindy D, Irvine Homemaker

"5:30 am Cardio Boot Camp™ was literally life altering! It was the first thing I've done for myself since my 13-year-old was born. Gina is inspiring, committed, knowledgeable and a great coach!! After completing my first six week session I felt I could do anything!!! In fact, my experience with Cardio Boot Camp™ and Gina inspired me to complete a marathon, with Gina by my side!!!"

- Trish S, Attorney

"Cardio Boot Camp™ is a love/hate relationship. When my alarm goes off at 5am I'm hating it. When I complete that warm-down stretch at 6:30 I'm loving it, and myself. Cardio Boot Camp™ not only gives me a great workout, it helps me get my mind right to tackle the challenges of the coming day. Love it!"

- Bruce A, Businessman

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